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Slagelse Lift - Your Lift Specialist

Slagelse Lift, with branches in Slagelse, Næstved, and Copenhagen, delivers lifts and equipment every day with our own vehicles throughout Zealand, Lolland, and Falster.

Our goal is to provide quality products that comply with all safety regulations at competitive prices.

At Slagelse Lift, we have a strong focus on quality and the environment.

By ensuring certifications such as Lift Control, DRA, and ongoing training of our staff, we ensure the high standard and excellent customer service you always encounter at Slagelse Lift.

DRA certification

The DRA certificate is issued as proof that Slagelse Lift complies with legal requirements and works according to the quality, safety, and environmental standards set by the Equipment Section of the Danish Construction Association (Dansk Byggeri). The DRA certification is tailored for rental companies.

Recommended by Dansk Byggeri

A DRA-certified equipment rental company is the safe choice for those who value quality, safety, reliability, and the environment. The DRA certification is recommended by Dansk Byggeri as it helps improve quality, safety, environment, and working conditions in the construction industry.

What does DRA certification mean for me as a customer?

Fewer operational interruptions and increased efficiency

High-quality rental equipment improves your efficiency by minimizing operational interruptions and facilitating smooth collaboration. With a DRA-certified rental provider like Slagelse Lift, you can be confident that the rented equipment is of the highest quality. The DRA certificate guarantees that Slagelse Lift follows procedures, return control standards, performance testing, quality assurance, and inspection of workflows and processes. We only rent equipment with high uptime, subject to independent external control. Certification and control are carried out by the independent verification bodies Force Technology and the Technological Institute.

Our current quality objectives

Focus on environmental friendliness

By choosing Slagelse Lift, you also make your company more environmentally friendly. You contribute to reducing the environmental impact from the rented equipment and take responsibility for environmental sustainability as a customer. We use environmentally friendly diesel, GTL fuel among other measures.

Our current environmental objectives

Safety for both your and our employees

DRA certification enhances the safety of both your and our employees. Increased focus on safety and quality means that your employees use equipment with top-notch safety features. We work diligently to ensure and improve a good working environment, with a constant focus on occupational health and safety. DRA certification thus helps improve safety throughout the construction industry.

Our current safety objectives

In short, choosing a DRA-certified equipment rental company is a safe choice for those who prioritize quality, the environment, and occupational health and safety.

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“We hope for a good future collaboration, and we are always ready to serve you.”

Award-winning company

With 40 years of experience, Slagelse Lift is a solid company employing around 40 employees. We have been named “Business Success of the Year” and “Gazelle Company” for several consecutive years.

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