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Trailers, Crew Vans, and Residential Caravans - we have them all!

At Slagelse Lift, we specialize in the rental of wagons for a wide range of purposes.

Our selection of wagons includes residential caravans, crew vans, dining/office trailers, and bathroom and toilet trailers. These vehicles are perfect for temporary accommodation, whether it’s for an entire family, a construction crew on a job site, or a company in need of a temporary office.

No matter what type of wagon you need, we can help you find the right solution.

We have a large inventory of vehicles available, and our experienced team is always ready to assist in finding the best solution for your needs.

Contact us today for more information and a non-binding quote.

Mobile Homes (Temporary housing units)

Our residential caravans are equipped with everything a family needs to live comfortably, including a fully functional kitchen, separate bedrooms, and a toilet and shower.

These caravans are particularly popular among families in need of temporary housing due to renovation or remodeling of their homes.

Crew Vans

A crew van is a versatile and practical mobile solution that combines an office, a dining area, a changing area, and bathroom facilities into one unit.

This makes it the ideal solution for a construction site where the team requires temporary accommodation for breaks and administrative tasks.

Kitchen and Office Trailers

A spacious kitchen and office trailer not only provides dining facilities but also space for storing a refrigerator, microwave, and a tank toilet. The trailers can be easily transported to different construction sites.

Additionally, we also offer a selection of office trailers with 1 or 2 rooms for companies in need of a temporary facility.

Kitchen, Shower and Toilet Trailers

At Slagelse Lift, we offer mobile bathroom and toilet trailers for rental, which are ideal for temporary needs.

Our mobile bathroom and toilet trailers are equipped with all the necessary facilities, including a toilet, shower, sink, storage space, and the option for a washing machine.

Do you need help with your rental?

At Slagelse Lift Rental, our staff is always ready to advise you on which residential caravan to choose for your specific needs.

Every year, we assist numerous families and insurance companies with relocation or temporary housing during construction projects.

Please note that all our caravans are located at our branch in Næstved.

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