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Service at our approved lift workshop

We have our own approved workshop staffed by qualified personnel. Our workshop undergoes random checks by the Technological Institute under the Lift Control Scheme. This ensures that all equipment, as required by law, undergoes a major inspection at least once a year.

If you have any further questions or would like a non-binding offer for inspection/repair of your lift, please contact us at +45 70 200 433 or send an email to:

We are also your workshop – We also offer inspections, repairs, and annual inspections of your equipment.

Slagelse Lift - a service provider

Lift measurements

We offer free inspections to ensure that you get the right lift for the job. Our consultants are on the road throughout Zealand on a daily basis and can provide quick and professional guidance.


We offer delivery of lifts to the work site. Please inquire at the time of booking if you require the lift to be brought through a narrow passage or a narrow gate. Please note that as a customer, you assume responsibility for the pavement, etc.

Instruction & Operation

We provide setup assistance and demonstrate the use of the equipment so that your staff is prepared for the task. This service must be requested at the time of booking. A brief instruction is included in the rental price. If you require setup assistance and/or help getting started with the task, we can also accommodate this and charge per hour.

24-hour service

You can always reach us. Our 24-hour service is available outside our normal opening hours. We provide fast and efficient service on our main number 70 200 433.

Emergency call-outs are charged at DKK 1,900.

Traffic Management

Traffic management involves various elements from planning to dismantling.

We can take care of everything from developing traffic management plans, obtaining permits, setup, maintenance, to dismantling. Slagelse Lift rents all types of traffic management equipment required for work on and near roads that require traffic regulation.

Ground Protection Mats – Plastic/Iron Mats

We supply ground protection mats, both plastic and iron.

We offer plastic mats with a load capacity of up to 70 tons. For transporting plastic mats, we provide electric mat transporters, eliminating the need for manual carrying/dragging and ensuring a better working environment. The transporters are flexible and high-performing in any terrain, with 4-wheel steering for a very tight turning radius.

If iron mats are required for tasks such as renovations, construction sites, festivals, or other purposes, we handle the measurement, planning, and delivery of iron mats. Ground protection mats ensure a stable surface under all types of load. It is essential for safety and accessibility.

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